«Sustainably increase corporate value by optimizing operational performance and leadership capabilities, worldwide»

About Our Business

Emvis AG is a senior executive advisory firm that supports investors and entrepreneurs on their way towards industrial future. We increase our customers’ corporate value by optimizing their operational performance and developing their leadership capabilities. We operate in mid and large cap companies, focusing on industrial and technological companies who want to be clearly above peer average performance. In support of this mission, our value creation activities are focused on delivering sustainable results, not only recommendations. With a “hands on, sleeves rolled up” approach, our teams drive value creation initiatives from strategy setting and qualification programs to shop floor implementation.

What We Do

We help to optimize processes, technologies and production sites according to lean management and industry 4.0 principles, develop smart products and services efficiently. Our clients are mainly served in our key industry sectors automotive, construction, electronics and high-tech, mechanical engineering, medtech and pharma.

Core Industries

Emvis AG operate in mid and large cap companies, focusing on industrial and technology companies who want be clearly above peer average performance by realizing their industrial vision based on aligned strategy and values. To achieve this, we work in close cooperation with senior executives and ambitious investors to support and realize their corporate development programs to create successful and desirable companies.

Our Approach

Best applications can only be selected and implemented if you have access to relevant experience, data and resources.
Emvis base their work on close and trustful cooperation. Clients can rely on most recent methodologies and technology concerning manufacturing and operations. To make this accessible Emvis set-up an international network of industry partners who are happy to share their latest applications and do-how. «Share and grow» is one of our key claims to describe the way of cooperation with our partners.

Based on our international experience we have realized success stories and brought up local market leaders, developed hidden champions and strengthend industrial companies by transforming their business in a better one by applying our holistic Emvis Value System called EVS®. In addition to traditional consulting services, we also serve our clients with highly experienced management ressources from our global network.
Our key objective

We make you
stay ahead