• Customer:Confidential
  • Category:Automotive
  • Date:2015-2017
  • Status:Completed
  • Sales:38 Mio. EUR in 2018
  • Tags:industrial, automotive, aluminum, plastic, series production

Project Description

Changing customer requirements and organizational growth led to difficulties along the entire value chain at the core site of the client. As the difficulties seemed to grow faster than solutions could be provided internally, external support has been requested. Symptoms, like the decrease in productivity, poor delivery service a negative operating income have been obvious but unfortunately the root causes could not be identified by the management as they have been focussing on fire-fighting and control of the difficult situation. Implementation of new technology and systems seemed to take much too long. Emvis were mandated to assess the situation during a 5 days lasting analysis and provide recommendations to sustainably solve the situation and build a proper basis for the companies industrial future.

What we did

We worked with an highly experienced team of manufacturing, supply chain and engineering technology experts to conduct an on-Site Operational Excellence assessment plus analysis of company data and assessment of organizational topics.

In addition, we evaluated the applied technology, especially machines, degree of automation and planned investments. All findings, especially the potential development of the operational metrics have been challenged to identify future potential. To back-up the results, we benchmarked and supplemented them by our market intelligence. Finally, we served our client with a 3 month-lasting task-force program to stop the bleeding and developed a 12 month-lasting program to set a sustainable basis for future developments.

Final results

All identified potentials could be verified and realized during the implementation program. Subsequently, the company has been restructured and freed cash to invest in new technology returning in a much more comfortable position. The ROI of our holistic program has been calculated with 5.1 by the client.
  • Identification of focus areas of action
  • Cristal clear priorities
  • Implementation of new corporate and operational metrics
  • Shopfloor Management
  • Productivity improvement of 23%
  • Savings in material costs
  • Leadership program